Loki Okey-Dokey

Doctor Who’s most recent season finale tried to do something like this and did a much worse job of it.

NEW PODCAST: Reading Player One

A chara, My new podcast Reading Player One has been going for a few weeks now. It can't be hosted here, but I'm putting a little post up so that everything can be found on my website. With the help of my lesbian married Canadian friends Jessie and Sam, I explore the world of Ernest... Continue Reading →

NEW PODCAST: America’s Widows

A chara, My friend Kimberley Chiu and I have started a new podcast called America's Widows, where we'll be talking about Marvel's new show Falcon & the Winter Soldier. You can listen after watching the first episode, before watching the first episode, instead of watching the first episode... all bets are off, really. Whatever you... Continue Reading →

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